Please, check out our wedding menu, dinner and accomodation offers.


Wedding menu offers

1. Menu

Újházy Chicken soup
Stuffed rolled pork chop
Turkey Cordon Bleu
Chicken breast Gellért mushroom, pease, ham, bechamel sauce, cheese
Onion mashed potatoes
Vegetables rice
fresh salad

4250 HUF/person

2. Menu

Újházy Chicken soup
Pork ribs langosh
Dubarry chicken breast (baked with cauliflower, bechamel, and cheese)
Half dose of turkey breast a'la Paris style
Half dose of fried cheese
Parsley potatoes
Steamed rice

4400 HUF/person

3. Menu

Újházy Chicken soup
Stuffed pork rib a'la LAND-PLAN (stuffed with mushroom, cheese, cucumber and fried)
Turkey a'la Gellért (baked with mushroom, pease, ham, bechamel, cheese)
Chicken breast a'la Paris style
Parsley potatoes
Rice with pease
Fresh salad

4550 HUF/person

4. Menu

Dove soup a'la Hédervár with meatball
Roast duck leg
The best of veal stuffed with dill-sheepcheese and fried
Pork rib a'la hunter style
Parsley potatoes
Vegetables rice
Braised cabbage
Fresh salad

6000 HUF/person

5. Menu

Tarragon veal ragout-soup
Grilled pork rib a'la Kapuvár (stuffing of bacon, onion, ham)
Catfish fillets with bacon
Turkey breast a'la Szatmári style (stuffed with prunes, cheese)
Parsley potatoes
Mushroom rice

6000 HUF/person

6. Menu

Beef broth with meat and strawberry leaves pasta
Deer fillets with blueberry sauce
Fried turkey breast stuffed with goose liver
Pork rib a'la Nyitra (in potatoe coat)
Grilled vegetables
Parsley potatoes

6500 HUF/person


Midnight-dinner offers

Porkstew with noodles

1900 HUF/portion

Beefstew with noodles

2900 HUF/portion

Crambe a'la Kolozsvár

2200 HUF/portion

French salad

600 HUF/portion

Mayonnaise potatoe


Variations on a cold plate:

French salads, stuffed pork chop a'la Csabai, Roll in betyár style, spring stuffed turkey, chicken breast with spinach and cheese

2000 HUF/portion
Our offers are variable according to the special needs on the basis of agreement.

Drink offer:

Drinking of unlimited draft beer, wine, soda, mineral water

3500 HUF/person


Accomodation offer

Double room


11300 HUF

Double room

2 people

14600 HUF
We provide a room for free for the newly married couple to the preparation and the relaxation.
The prices inlude the buffet breakfast and the tourist tax.